In addition to the four main research projects, TREC@WUSTL funds one-year developmental pilot research projects that focus on priorities within our TREC center. These studies are designed to provide an avenue for introducing and integrating new investigators and innovative technologies and methodologies into TREC@WUSTL.

2014-2015 Pilot Projects
“Promoting physical activity in post-prostatectomy African-American men”
Co-Principal Investigators: Lin Yang, PhD, and Bettina Drake, PhD, MPH

“Residential segregation as a driver of obesity’s role in cancer survivorship and treatment outcomes”
Principal Investigator: Melody Goodman, PhD

“FITNESS: Fitness in teens using novel exercise strategies in schools”
Principal Investigator: Susan Racette, PhD

“Using economic health indicators to communicate colorectal cancer consequences and risk factors”
Principal Investigator: Erika Waters, PhD, MPH