The four main research projects within TREC@WUSTL examine how preconception diet, nutrition and built environment impact inactivity, and how physical activity and energy balance influence body weight and carcinogenesis across the life course.

 TREC@WUSTL Research Projects
Project OneTransgenerational animal models of nutritional impact on cancer predisposition
Investigates, in a mouse model, the effect of maternal high fat diet and changes in metabolic bioenergetics.
Project TwoPIE (Prostatectomy, Incontinence and Erectile function)
Studies the role of physical activity and obesity in post-prostatectomy urinary and sexual function.
Project ThreeSHOW-ME Study (Supports at Home and Work for Maintaining Energy Balance)
Studies policies relating to nutrition and built environment that impact energy balance and obesity.
Project Four Social determinants in the link between obesity and cancer
Develops models of obesity across the life course and generations incorporating biologic, clinical and social determinants of risk and mortality, which can be applied to different cancer outcomes using non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as the initial platform.