The Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer (TREC) Center at Washington University in St. Louis (TREC@WUSTL) brings together a broad base of nationally and internationally recognized investigators in their disciplinary focus areas to lead transdisciplinary research across the life course on cancer and obesity.

To accomplish this, the TREC@WUSTL:

  • Examines energetics from the molecular to the social/environmental level to understand cancer etiology
  • Trains postdoctoral fellows in transdisciplinary research in a transdisciplinary environment to pursue careers in energetics and cancer
  • Exposes scholars from across the university and region to transdisciplinary work in obesity and cancer
  • Fosters scientific synergy via small-scale innovative transdisciplinary pilot projects that build on the TREC@WUSTL
  • Uses five cores to support center research and close the gap between energetic and cancer scientific discovery and its application in clinical practice and population-based settings

The Washington University TREC Center is funded by the National Cancer Institute at NIH (U54 CA155496), Washington University, and the Siteman Cancer Center.